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I make custom photos and videos for Individuals and content providers, as well as shoot couples and groups  that want professional quality for their private collections.. Fully discreet.

 For some time now I have been a noted fashion and Glamour photographer... That is until a few years back when I want to an art show called the Harvest Festival and saw some of the most amazing erotic and fetish photography I had ever laid eyes on.. I made a promise to myself that I would be showing at an art gallery like this by this time next year.. I kept my promise..

 To Stay true to the work I started examining the lifestyle that is Kink.. BDSM in Particular.. I did NOT want to be a "poser", so i started to immerse myself. During that process I found many revelations about myself and the world around me. Though it's still evolving, I believe that I have found a place in this world as a Service Top. I now regularly play with a select few subs, and I have even collared a few in my day, but nowadays I'm mostly just about the scene.. I can scene with whomever as long an proper negotiations have taken place and proper protocols are followed throughout.

I'm here to continue leveling up my work and explore new forms of media and expression, whilst immersing myself in the lifestyle that is Kink. I believe that I am a respectful dominant, and I have an open mind.. Thusly I do not judge (as no one visiting a site like this really should..) and hopefully we can all get some powerful imagery along my perpetual journey.

If you believe that there is beauty in you.. in your pain.. that needs to be captured, then shoot me a message. Let's discuss bringing that out.

"There's no such thing as porn.
There's no such thing as art.

Those are just fluffy words people use to distinguish
what they like from what they do not like"
Quoted from ShivaKitty

Unmercifully yours,


Bigue Selles

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